First birthday is very exciting milestone for the baby and parents. Year of sleepless nights, year of understanding  and adjusting to new experience of being mum and Dad. Hence first birthday is very exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  Overwhelmed with the many ideas ? No guideline to follow ?  Well stay with me and by the end of this blog you will have ideas for  your first birthday  Cake smash photoshoot with me.


First thing is always have fun, and keep it fun for the babies. Don’t stress it out and don’t make it stress full for babies.  


Given the nature of the session, As photographers try to capture cake smash photos in natural approach. Whereas as parents be sure to set realistic expectations for how long it may take. Some babies take the whole cake down in first go, whereas some may  take longer than others. Occasionally some  decide not to play along at all. The bottom line is make sure baby had fun.

Few years from now, when you will be looking at the photos of your baby’s tiny hand, feet and those big curious eyes, you should be able recall many memories. How they used to sit, how they used to smile, and most important how they use to make those crying face. so let’s keep your session natural and except all kind of expressions. I was simply heart touched when mum select atleast one crying one in their gallery for memory making


First birthday theme is always what mom and dad’s favorite thing or how their nursery room theme is. A myth that revolves around, “Too much decor, baby gets lost in between” in my case I would say it is not a problem at all… WHY ?

Because no matter what theme / color or  design you choose. Minimal Boho, or all colorful.

I will photograph your baby as a star of the story. All rolls, camera and actions will be on your little bundle of joy.


Being tired / sleep deprieved  mum and Dad, I know its difficult to manage your days, but for a moment  get up and  get ready to be part of the session. because years from now, you don’t want to keep saying ” I wish we could have done some photos with the baby” or  you don’t want  your baby to mention, hey Mom/Dad were you there on my cake smash/did you see this?

Well oh baby , your mum/dad planned these special memories for you. and that’s why we want them to be photographs as well.


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