All those amazing photoshoots, you all have been seeing on my  Website with are done with some workflow

Do you want to plan a  newborn and kids photoshoot in Doha, Qatar  Contact me today for all the details. 


I follow a workflow and i want all my clients to follow as well. which you guys have been doing it and loving so far. For a perfect and easy going photoshoot  in Qatar.  

1- Once i and my client agree on the date/ time and requirements of the session. Session will be ONLY secured with the PAID DEPOSIT Unsecured date/time is open for other families so secure your session immediately.

2- On the session date , Please arrive on time, so we do not loose any part of the session. I always encourage families to leave with 15 minute extra margin of what map shows

3- After the session, i send “Proofing gallery” to my clients where they can do their selection of images (online) NO RAWS – OR UNEDITED WILL BE SENT (except for selection purpose ) however you can buy extra images in Edited format

4- Keep your expectation realistic for the whole session. Any harsh behavior of parents towards their child or me , if their kids are not cooperating during the session. i will have all the rights to end the session.

5- DON’T compare your session with any other session. Each session is unique because each Baby is unique. My work is not “ One filter fits all” I give time to each session individually.

6- I do edit the images to bring out best of the colors and tones of themes, Removal of blemishes, baby acne etc but Bring your clothes ironed, Hair done, SO keep your expectation realistic.

Being a mum myself i am extra carefull with the babies and kids Over the year i have developed some tips and tricks, to bring out those smiles during the session.

I always enter with positive mind, so should you. it really helps. your child does not like wearing headband or bow tie, let it be. it not more important than A happy baby

A happy mindset always produce A perfect session. so yes thats how i create those amazing beautiful images

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